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Kamran A. Beg Events (www.kamranabegevents.com) closed down on July 31 2015.

Kamran A. Beg Events, which was founded on July 11 2003, humbly and respectfully closed down its global operation on July 31 2015.

As an organisation, we were deeply humbled and honoured to witness 701 marriages culminate worldwide during this period through the provision of our Muslim professional matrimonial services, subject to the Divine will, Alhamdulillah.

It was an absolute privilege to serve the Muslim professional community worldwide and we wish each of you every bliss and success going forward, Insha’Allah.

We have been blessed as an organisation to globally service the most upstanding Muslim attendees, subscribers, members and also readers of the three decidedly humble books that Kamran A. Beg, the humble founder of Kamran A. Beg Events, authored (kindly see below: BOOKS AUTHORED BY KAMRAN A. BEG). Each of you is an exemplary ambassador for the Muslim Ummah, Alhamdulillah.

Our Duas are with each of you, your dear parents and respective families. Ameen.

And regarding one’s parents, as Kamran scribed following the expiries of his very dearest and most beloved mother (may she very kindly rest in peace, Insha’Allah) in 2010 and his very dearest and most beloved father (may he very kindly rest in peace, Insha’Allah) in 2012: “Parents are the rarest of gems infinite in value whose enduring legacy is the unconditional love they have for their children.” Indeed as many of you know Kamran A. Beg initially set up Kamran A. Beg Events as a courtesy to his dearest parents who had so thoughtfully and altruistically requested that we as humble public servants endeavour to assist fellow Muslim professionals worldwide vis-à-vis their life partner search.

We will now draw this message to a close with the following truly inspiring Quranic aayah:

"He created for you mates from among yourselves that you may dwell in peace and tranquillity with them and He put love and compassion between your hearts" (Quran 30:21).

This sublime Quranic aayah shows that your choice of life partner is willed by Allah (SWT). Temporally, we strive to discover that which He has willed. This can only happen at the time He has willed it to happen. Hence, you will marry when He has willed you to marry and with whom He has willed you to marry. However, since only He knows who your life partner is, as He has willed them, your duty as an individual is to strive, be proactive, until you discover during life’s momentous journey that soulmate whom He had willed.

Ultimately it is Allah’s (SWT) will that prevails.

For those of you who are still seeking a life partner the above Quranic aayah holds the key and will inspire you as you seek to discover your life partner who in the words of Allah’s (SWT) most beloved creation, our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW), will allow you to complete half of your faith.

Wishing you every peace and happiness going forward, Insha’Allah.


Beg, K. A. The 3-Dialogue Rule: One Hundred Muslim Marriages in One Thousand Days, Manchester: Kamran A. Beg Events, 2006.

Beg, K. A. The Islamic Marriage Model: An Islamic Guide for Muslim Couples, Manchester: Kamran A. Beg Events, 2009.

Beg, K. A. The Islamic Divorce Model: An Islamic Guide Explaining the Laws and Procedures Associated with Lawful Divorce in Islam, Manchester: Kamran A. Beg Events, 2010.